Number 8 – SATO48 2013

A young woman discovers her friend murdered in the next room and calls 911 for assistance. It might be the last call she ever makes…

This year’s SATO48 entry was such a step up in production quality from last year! Great actors and a crew who really dedicated themselves to the task. We also had some new gear which let us really get some great truck shots we would never have gotten otherwise. Many thanks to all of you who helped with this and we hope to work with you all more in the future.

SATO48 is an annual film competition where filmmakers must produce a 5 minute film within 48 hours using an “Inspiration Package.” This year’s Inspiration Package consisted of the following:

  • Creative Inspiration: “Reasons not to call 911”
  • Prop: Local newspaper dated April 12, 2013
  • Must manipulate the prop 3 times throughout the film
  • Must have a person or thing make the figure 8 two different times
  • Must have a character emphatically say, for good reason, “8” sometime during the film


Out of 70 eligible films, “Number 8” received nominations for Best Screenplay, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Sound and Best Actress at the SATO48 Recognition & Awards Ceremony on May 2nd! It was also voted #7 in the Audience Favorite category. Big hugs to the judges and viewers!

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