Moment of Truth

A man comes home to his wife and delicious meal. But what was that she put in his wine?

This was my final project for the cinematography class I was taking last semester, and had to employ a variety of shots and demonstrate mastery of lighting and camera operation. I aced it, naturally. Granted, it could use a good score instead of the stock music I resorted to. Kudos to my actors for their hard work, and for sticking around to enjoy that amazing wine afterward.

Black Out

A young boy left alone at night must brave the terrors of the basement when the power goes out.

This film was created as part of a cinematography class and, of course, went well beyond the parameters of the assignment. However, it’s a fun little story about a kid just trying to watch his TV show. Being almost fully “in the dark” was a great lighting challenge and I think it paid off.


When David wakes up to his girlfriend, Sandy, apologizing for her part in their current relationship issues, it starts a soul-bearing conversation that gives them both closure and renewed love in in the face of imminent death.

The concept behind Catharsis came to me after a discussion with a friend about how couples often only manage to work out their differences as they break up or very shortly thereafter. This approaches a broader idea where individuals come to terms with their own shortcomings and misdeeds at the end of their lives.

I must give special thanks to Brian Arata for a great score and to The Reality of Yourself (T.R.O.Y) for a kick ass song to dismember by.

The Rest is Future – Project Greenlight 2014

An amateur scientist attempts to travel through time and solve one of the biggest mysteries in American history.

After almost 10 years, Project Greenlight began taking submissions for a new season a few weeks ago. At the time, I assumed it was just too late for me to come up with a short script to shoot with all the other things on my plate. Then Curtis comes along – a week before the deadline, mind you – and announces he has a script he wants to shoot for Project Greenlight.

How could I resist?

We filmed all night four days before the deadline with no rehearsal and very little of the planning that usually takes place, and in spite of a few shots that could have been redone I think it turned out great. Wish us luck!


Unfortunately, The Rest is Future did not make it into the top 200. Considering the probable number of submissions, we can’t feel too bad about it. Better luck next year!

Number 8: The Director’s Cut

A young woman discovers her friend murdered in the next room and calls 911 for assistance. It might be the last call she ever makes…

The original cut of this film was made as part of the SATO48 2013 48-hour film competition. Out of 70 eligible films, Number 8 was nominated for 5 awards, including Best Screenplay, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Best Actress. It was also #7 in the list of Audience Favorites.

This longer edit includes more of the original dialog and some very important pacing corrections, which were all cut to meet the time restriction of the SATO48 rules. It also sports some much needed color grading and a new score by the talented Ryan Baker.