Moment of Truth

A man comes home to his wife and delicious meal. But what was that she put in his wine?

This was my final project for the cinematography class I was taking last semester, and had to employ a variety of shots and demonstrate mastery of lighting and camera operation. I aced it, naturally. Granted, it could use a good score instead of the stock music I resorted to. Kudos to my actors for their hard work, and for sticking around to enjoy that amazing wine afterward.

Black Out

A young boy left alone at night must brave the terrors of the basement when the power goes out.

This film was created as part of a cinematography class and, of course, went well beyond the parameters of the assignment. However, it’s a fun little story about a kid just trying to watch his TV show. Being almost fully “in the dark” was a great lighting challenge and I think it paid off.


When David wakes up to his girlfriend, Sandy, apologizing for her part in their current relationship issues, it starts a soul-bearing conversation that gives them both closure and renewed love in in the face of imminent death.

The concept behind Catharsis came to me after a discussion with a friend about how couples often only manage to work out their differences as they break up or very shortly thereafter. This approaches a broader idea where individuals come to terms with their own shortcomings and misdeeds at the end of their lives.

I must give special thanks to Brian Arata for a great score and to The Reality of Yourself (T.R.O.Y) for a kick ass song to dismember by.