SATO48 2014 Not a Total Loss

I’m sure all 27 of you fans are just pulling your hair out wanting to know what happened to us at this year’s SATO48 48-Hour Film Challenge. Well, grab the hot glue gun and listen up.

We had written a script ahead of time that we intended to modify in order to accommodate the Inspiration Package that is introduced for the competition. We had our crew – smaller and supposedly leaner and meaner than last year – and even a great location and props for our post-apocalyptic short film entry.

Well, it appears we overreached ourselves this year on top of quite a number of setbacks on the main shooting day. Our film, entitled Prodigal Son, was not finished in time for submission (our composer went AWOL) and has a running time of almost 10 minutes. That is about twice as long as the SATO48 requirements. So, instead of getting only half of our film screened for SATO, we decided to give it a little finesse to salvage all of the hard work we had done that weekend.

We are executing a lot of post-production work like ADR, foley and addressing other sound design issues to get away from the “created only in 48 hours” vibe. We are also looking for another composer to provide a kick ass score and will probably re-shoot a scene or two.

We think we have a great little film on our hands with Prodigal Son, so bear with us! We will share updates as we can.