About Me

Ben LawsonThe love child spawned from a fleeting romance between a pulled pork sandwich and Andy Warhol’s second cousin’s best friend’s acupuncturist, Ben Lawson was raised by jackals for much of his troubled youth. At 4 years of age, he decided to explore the world beyond the walls of his rented, two-story Altoids tin and headed for bright lights and adventure of civilization.

Instead, he found himself in Springfield, Missouri where he went to school and earned a double major in Photography and Human Sacrifice. But it was his love of cinema and his paranoia about the imminent zombie apocalypse that drove him to found Disaster Films with friend and sometime llama wrestling partner, Ed. “I am the Messiah of Mayhem. It is my singular fate to convince the world the impending doom,” he says of his role of Director. No one really understands what that means.

After Ed’s tragic death in an unfortunate data mining accident, Ben immigrated to Los Angeles where he tends his backyard “kitten” garden and sells embroidered water bottles between film gigs. He currently lives with a bucket of spoiled milk and his pet lint roller, Fluffy.