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The Patient – our SATO48 Film Competition entry

At long last, we were finally able to abuse your sensibilities with our entry for the 2011 SATO48 Film Competition we’ve entitled “The Patient.” For the uninitiated, SATO48 is a local film competition where filmmakers of all levels of expertise and experience can compete in producing a 5-minute film in 48 hours. Now that the Moxie screenings are officially over you can waste your bandwidth by watching it here.

Our SATO48 entry “The Patient” to screen at the Moxie

It’s time, folks! This year’s entry for the 2011 SATO48 Film Competition, “The Patient,” is scheduled to show downtown at the Moxie Cinema this weekend. Please come on down and show your love and support by voting for our film! Show times are Friday, April 22nd at 6:00pm and twice again on Saturday, April 23rd at 11:0am and 5:00pm.

Welcome to Disaster Films!

Welcome to the new home of Disaster Films, Springfield Missouri’s favorite little crappy film making team that loves to deliver scary, gory, disturbing, and strangely amusing entertainment in short 5 to 15 minute bursts of digital confusion. Join us as we stumble along, making as many movie-making mistakes as humanely possible and enjoying every minute of it.